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Company's independent research and development products officially entered the market

The new product developed by our engineering team and the college of automobile application of a famous university has entered the practical stage after several key stages of development and experiments in the laboratory, short-term operation of real cars, long-term operation of real cars (2 million kilometers)

     The CNG products currently used in Chinese market are mostly copied abroad. Due to the technical limitation in foreign countries, the CNG products currently used in the market with true stability and reliability are almost "zero". Due to technical problems, it is much less to upgrade the copied products. In most cases, the CNG production in the foreign countries have updated several generations, but the domestic are still using other people's relatively old products, if need upgradation, we must make a copy, so we are behind of foreign countries forever.

In this environment, our company is committed to making our own products. Since the establishment of the company, we recruit a number of technical personnel for research and development of gas automobile projects, and accumulated mature and advanced technologies in the production of gas electronic control system and gas supply system. After days and nights of struggle of many high-precision technicians in CNG automobile industry, the first test run of new products has reached 150Km/H on road, and a very stable and super power performance. After many practical experiments and updates, the products have caught up with the latest international products in terms of power and gas saving. The product officially entered mass production in January 2014. At present, the product is officially named "NT FAST", which reflects its advantages of FAST assembly, strong power and gas saving.

     Current product function as below:
1.    Built-in OBD adaptive system, no need for external hanging OBD, more convenient modification.
2.    It has the function of one-key automatic calibration, which makes the gas debugging not overly advanced, and makes the debugging work of the assembly engineer easy and fast.
3.    Gas-powered computers have built-in high-performance microprocessors for precise control, more power and less gas.
4.    Have self-diagnosis function of gas system, easy to read and reset fault code.
5.    The function of low pressure automatic oil transfer and prompt user is to ensure vehicle safety

  The company plans to improve the ”OBDII self-learning function” of the product in the second half of 2014, and add the”automatic gas leak alarm function”. This product is completely our intellectual property right, and can be updated at any time according to customers’ requirement.
    Welcome all CNG industry customers to order or agent this product.  

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